Choosing The Right Tires For Winter Season

Tires are one of the most important elements of a vehicle although several reports show that they are not given the attention it should have. They are the only element that serves as a connection between the vehicle and the ground on which circulates, it will be asphalt or dirt. And precisely because it is the last link between the transmission element of movement and foothold in the soil, it is important to make proper tire maintenance, but also can choose the right way. Depending on tire adhesion to the road or motor skills, among other things, may vary substantially. They play a very important role in vehicle behavior, but we must not only take into account the condition of the wheels, it is also important to use the right tire depending on the season and weather conditions. Did you know that there are summer tires Ottawa and winter tires? Did you know that you need to use chains there is snow on the road but to use winter tires is not necessary?

Tires have 4 primary functions. The first and most obvious, hold the weight of the car. In addition, although many do not know, tires are responsible for the direction, i.e., from head to where the car steer. Make it possible to transmit braking and traction. And last but not least, absorb road irregularities as air and nitrogen found inside act as a spring increases the passenger comfort. One of the main differences that can be seen from several tires is the hardness of rubber. The composition of this is one factor that determines the grip of the tire.

Winter tires and summer tires

Although not all drivers know, there are different types of tires depending on weather conditions. Do not use the same type of wheels in summer than in winter. Although it is true that there is another type known as all-weather tires used to be used in any season. The main reason why there are these 2 types of tires is the temperature, because depending on her accession to the road car is not the same. Winter tires should be used when the ambient temperature is below 7 ° C. Rubber winter tires Ottawa is more flexible than the summer wheels Ottawa so even at these temperatures do not lose grip on the road. When the tire rubber hardens is not flexible and does not adhere to the asphalt.

In winter, the climatic conditions and thus also driving conditions on the road sometimes change very quickly. Winter tires should also provide a high level of driving safety during the drought, low temperatures and snow and ice. Tires with M+S mark are often being the symbol of a high quality standard. Winter tires have large grooves and additional plates. The shutters open and close during the trip and ensure optimal and safe braking on the road. The advantage of using winter tire is that it offers stability and good grip even in difficult conditions. Especially in winter, since a continuous film of water on the road surface, winter tires ensure reduced risk of aquaplaning and drivers have maximum control over the vehicle in all driving conditions.